John Tosh: “Historical Awareness” and “The Uses of History”

It seems that Tosh’s main concern with these two articles is broadcasting the importance of history on a personal level. History is a way that society maintains a relevant connection with the past, however, it must be noted that the perception of the past is unique to each person/society. Both groups, according to Tosh, “…require a picture of the past which serves to explain or justify the present.” I find this to be true. A good example of this is the way the American┬áCivil War is taught in the North and in the South. Both sides still teach the War through similar glasses that people in the 1860’s viewed the war. Many Northern schools emphasize the slavery aspect of the war while many Southern schools still emphasize the sentiment that States’ Rights were violated, among other various aspects. My point here is that whether or not either side is right, both groups of people have a certain connection with the past that helps to describe a portion of the present.


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