“Writing” Readings

The first thing that I was struck by was that both of these readings are written stylistically different than the Presnell book. Both took the method of writing a history paper which we all learned at some point during our schooling and muddied it up, but in a good way. In the “Writing as Communication” reading the “exercise” sections were the ones I paid the most attention. Not only did they sum up the reading of each section but they clearly defined the method of writing, which was the authors’ intent. The “Knowing What You Want to Say” section was especially helpful because I normally find I have the hardest time refining my thesis to its core.

The “Writing Competently” reading was written quite similarly to the above reading. However, instead of refining the paper as a whole, this reading focuses on the “nit-pickiness” of the writing process. It points out what to avoid, how to identify/correct mistakes, and how to keep yourself motivated and interested in the paper to keep it from sucking. This is not just a paper for History majors but one that also intents to correct the mistakes so often made writing in the English language.


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