“Historical Consciousness”

The topic of the evolution of history is sadly one that is rarely taught in school. It was interesting to see how the major ideologies of the time influenced the work produced. However, I don’t think that the evolution of history can be viewed completely in such a causal manner. Instead, it seems more likely that while ideology played a significant part that history was on the path to refining itself naturally just like the field of science was. After stagnating for so long the subject¬†would have had to¬†either change or die.


4 Responses to ““Historical Consciousness””

  1. Cammy Carroll says:

    I support the lack of inevitability argument. It could have possibly evolved within the religious confines a bit in methodology, if not their way of thought.

  2. Brooke says:

    Since I’m training to become a history teacher one day, I hope that I can actually add something similar to the evolution of history to my course. I’ve heard of and read a lot of these texts as a student, but they were never used to explain history as a subject.

  3. tekla says:

    I don’t know that it would have HAD to change- inevitability is usually a really hotly debated topic for historians no matter what they’re talking about. I think it would have been quite possible for history to remain religious and limited had it not been for the Enlightenment and the preservation of ancient texts.

  4. johnmcnair says:

    It definately seems like a good idea to look a bit further beyond what is in the text. As much as I liked the narrative, it does feel like there should be more to it than what is presented.