Archaeology Reading

What interests me about this article the most is that I am considering a double major in classics with a concentration in archaeology. It is a subject that historians often do not consider because it seems so foreign from the traditional historical approach. However, archaeology is another tool that historians can use in order to broader their understanding of the past. By adding archaeology as a tool that we can implement we are furthering our goal of completing the study of history holistically.


3 Responses to “Archaeology Reading”

  1. sbarber says:

    Good luck with your double major! Technology is becoming more influential in history as time goes on. Advances are making it much easier to interpret, analyze, and determine the past. Specifically, advances in archeology will improve this process even further.

  2. MP says:

    Historians do have a vast quantity of resources available to them (most times). Archaeological information is one of my favorite resources because it gives us a more physical form of history that we can hold in our hand and see for our very own eyes. I’m a strong advocate of “you can believe what you can see.”

  3. Cammy Carroll says:

    Good luck with your double major, if you decide to go down that path. So often it seems like the collecting of historical objects and the in-depth study of them are meant to be seperated simply because of the amount of work that would go into doing both. Trying to find, record, analyze, and write all about your own discoveries would be quite the challenge.