Two MLK Websites

To be honest I nearly laughed while reading the website. The site is clearly an attempt to misguide the public, not to mention a gateway to the forum for a white supremacy group. I could barely read the site as I was both amused and disgusted at the same time. There is no point in continuing on about this site except to say that it is worthless to anyone, not just members of the historical community.

The King Center seems much more trustworthy, however I still would rather use the written material on Dr. King. The site is run by the family and would of course be portraying an image which they wished to create for him. In order to properly study this man historians need to, at least for now, stick to using the written materials that already exist.


2 Responses to “Two MLK Websites”

  1. johnmcnair says:

    I would agree that the edge goes to the king center for their archival resources. It is certainly a better site for pointing someone in the right direction for research, although direct use of the site might not be the best idea.

  2. Matt says:

    I certainly agree with your statements because I literally laughed the entire time reading the first website. Both of the websites show bias, and one of them shows negative bias. I guess we all historians must be cautious to which websites we find our sources.