Final Presnell Post

This final chapter on presentation made me wish I had read it a few weeks ago when I was still planning. Even though there isn’t much on the topic any advice is better than no advice. I like how this book is structured and how it works smoothly with the HIST 299 course.


4 Responses to “Final Presnell Post”

  1. Brooke says:

    I liked the overall book, too, but was I the only one that wanted more about the actual paper than simply research? Research is easy compared to organizing a research paper, unless that’s just my point of view.

  2. zorro16 says:

    I agree it really helped me in the process of doing all of my research.

  3. MP says:

    I liked Presnell overall, but this final chapter fell a little short with me for presentations. I had wished that there was a bit more information on creating a presentation, and a little less information on building a website.

  4. johnmcnair says:

    All in all, it was definately worth the read. I know what you mean about the advice possibly being a bit late, but it should still be a good reminder for what to keep straight.